The current situation with the pandemic Covid-19 has brought to surface the need of a more sustainable actions and has reshaped the focus even stronger towards the local needs, local production, local response and local community life. It is expected that after this pandemic, the financial effects will be even higher than the once from the crisis in 2008.

On the other hand, on EU level there is an increased recognition of the social economy as a part of the economy driven primarily by collective interests as well as social and environmental objectives. As part of the social economy movement, worker’s buyout is emerging as a practice not only as a response to the increased unemployment and financial restrictions faced in the time of the crisis, but also to support the restoration mechanisms and to boost the community development contributing to a prompt recovery.

As part of the IN4BTE project (Information, Consultation and Participation Rights as a Factor of Success for the Business Transfer to Employees in SMEs), on the 31st of March, 2021 we are organizing the fourth and final project event “The Role of Social Economy in Building Inclusive Business Models: The business after the Covid-19”.

The event will take place on the ZOOM platform, and the registration for the event is on the following link: HERE

The main objective of the event is to continue the debate on the EU action plan for social economy that is in a development phase and bring this initiative closer to stakeholders from Western Balkans. Additional objective of the event is to provide an overview of policies, good practices of workers’ buyouts as restoration mechanism at times of financial crisis.

Agenda on the link


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