Social economy

Public is a leading organization in the development of a positive ecosystem in which social enterprises can succeed in Macedonia. We secure professional support and strategic development for every relevant factor in this area – Public Institutions, Municipalities, and Business.

We do assessment research of the existing capacities of social enterprises, grading their sustainability; we monitor the impact of relevant national policies on social enterprises, we measure the impact on the social sector using appropriate methodology and we follow their capacity for developing good working places for vulnerable citizens.

Completed projects:

1. Social enterprises – bridge between social sector and traditional business (SE-Bridge)
Project bearer: Center for development of entrepreneurs and managers, CEED Macedonia

-Association for Research, Communications and development, “Public”, Macedonia,
-Training Center for rural women from the Diber region, “Argritra Vizion”, Albania,
-CEED Albania

Objectives :

  • Awareness raising and educationfor social entrepreneurship between cross-border populations, and in the business sector in both countries;
  • Building the capacity of individuals and organizations in starting and running a social enterprise through training, mentoring, facilitating the opportunities for cross boarder and intersectional cooperation and access to finances;
  • Strengthening social enterprises in cross border regions, through facilitating contacts and partnerships with the traditional business sector thus enabling their development and increasing their turnover;
  • Supporting the employment and self-employment of individuals from vulnerable groups (single parents, long terms unemployed persons, people with disabilities) and promoting work integration in the cross border region;
  • Strengthening business cooperation (especially in the cross border region) and enabling access to new markets.

01/11/2017 – 30.11.2019

Implemented Projects:

1.  Social enterprises connecting the dots: economic growth, community development and social inclusion
Donor: USAID – Citizen Participation Project

Overall Goal:

  • To create a positive eco-system for the development of the social economy in the country, through the development, advocacy and networking of social enterprises in Macedonia.

Specific objectives:

  • Strengthening the capacities of social enterprises and CSOs in order to create sustainable jobs for marginalized groups by developing self-sustainability capacities.
  • Advocating for sustainable cooperation between social enterprises, CSOs and the business sector in developing partnerships in economic terms and activities related to corporate social responsibility.
  • Influencing the legal framework in terms of policy making that addresses the needs of social enterprises and the employability of marginalized groups.
  • Encouraging social inclusion by rethinking the strategic approach to marginalized groups for their economic empowerment, and redesigning social protection policies in the direction of greater participation.


Implemented projects: