Membership in Platforms and Networks

Public is part of many international research networks, platforms and other type of networks through which it impacts at national, regional and international level.


During 2014, researchers from Public became members of the International network of comparative models of social enterprises, in which, as research partners, there are more than 58 countries from the world.

More than 45 professors and researchers from Belgium Universities from the sphere of economy, sociology and psychology, as well as four international research partners are involved in the development of the whole methodology and network. The focus of this network is on the development of interdisciplinary and integrated knowledge for social entrepreneurship and social enterprises ( SOCENT). SOCENT is a research programme that covers specific thematic lines – such as the international network of comparative models of social enterprises, and works in partnership with EMES – the European research network.

Мрежата на социјални претпријатија на Ма­ке­до­ни­ја

„Паблик“ е координатор и меѓу основачите на Мрежата на социјални претпријатија. Мрежата претставува пла­тфор­ма за ко­му­ни­ка­ци­ја и за со­ра­бо­тка ме­ѓу раз­лич­ни­те со­ци­јал­ни прет­при­ја­ти­ја, за­ста­пу­ва уна­пре­ду­ва­ње на јав­ни­от имиџ на се­кто­рот, обез­бе­ду­ва­ со­ра­бо­тка и мул­ти­се­ктор­ски парт­нерс­тва со дру­ги су­штин­ски фа­кто­ри на на­ци­о­нал­но и на ре­ги­о­нал­но ни­во и на ни­во на ЕУ. Мре­жaта пот­тик­ну­ва­ и раз­ме­на на до­бри пра­кти­ки и ин­тер­се­ктор­ско по­вр­зу­ва­ње, што на долг рок го пот­тик­ну­ва и ин­те­ре­сот на јав­но­ста за се­кто­рот.

Diesis scrl – fs

Diesis scrl-fs is a European network specializing in supporting the development of a social economy and social enterprises in Europe. It is one of the widest networks within the EU, which is specialized in support of social economy and social enterprises in 13 countries.

European declaration of researchers

In 2015 Public signed the declaration for commitment to the principles and recommendations of the European Charter of Researchers and the Code of Conduct for employment of researchers.

International Network of Street Papers INSP

Funded in 1994, the International Network of Street Papers supports the development of more than 114 street papers in the world, in more than 35 countries, publishing on 24 languages. Its total readership goes up to 5 million worldwide.

With this kind of audience, INSP is one of the biggest and strongest advocates in the fight against social exclusion, homelessness and poverty.

Face to face has been a member of this network from March 2013.


The European Federation of National Organizations that works on observation and evaluation of the level of homelessness in Europe in accordance with ETHOS typology. Public, as a member of this network, implemented the first research on the issue of homelessness in the country. It resulted in the first data regarding homelessness in Macedonia.

Network of Media Literacy of the Republic of North Macedonia

Public, because of its street paper Face to face, is among the founding organizations of the Network of Media Literacy of the Republic of North Macedonia. The Network was formed in April 2017, on the initiative of the Agency of audio and audio visual media services. The Network is created with the goal of facilitating communication and consultation between the various entities in the country that work to raise the level of media literacy of all citizens.